2017 A Prime Year

I entered it at a gentle 8 knots, but somehow 2017 just rocketed by and here I am getting ready to say good bye to this incredible prime year.

According to maths 2017 is just the ninth prime year I’ve experienced. What does maths have to say about the number of prime years you’ve experienced?

I know! Believe it or not, even mathematics can get it all wrong.

Fortunately, I’ve been blessed with more than the 9 prime years granted to me by pure cold math. And one thing is for sure, 2017 outshined them all.

It was definitely a truly exhilarating year.

We launched a new website, helped many, many clients develop their business or find their dream house.

I scored more goals than I can remember, discovered new places, sailed to pristine remote archipelagos, the Tuamotu, the Cook Islands and the Marquesas where I ‘survived’ Nuku Hiva.

I enjoyed many, many joyous celebrations: Montreal 375, Canada 150, Adresz 10.

Scouted the land where dreams come true and took a short trip to Pandora. Met many great chefs and made new friends. I was enchanted by many stunning sunsets as the curtain fell on countless satisfying brilliant days.


Sunset over Morea


But no matter what one does, it is only through the next generation that we can become truly grand.

2017 is the year that brought the marvellous moment when I was elevated to the status of GRAND-PA!

And what does one do to celebrate such fabulous times? But of course, you take GRAND-MA back to the blue lagoon. You rediscover Venus Point. You sight for the first time a majestic manta ray and jump the boat to follow on its trail. You go to the land where taboo originated from where you go swimming in the South Pacific waters with tens of black tip sharks and free dive chasing the lemon sharks. You take GRAND-MA to the land where the tattoo originated from and get yourselves some.

2017 is definitely a year that will be hard to surpass!

But once and again I’m determined to transgress the rigid mathematics rules, as I’m most definitely not going to wait another ten years for the next prime year.


Happy Holidays! Be healthy, be happy, be wealthy, and never stray from the journey of discovery.