Adresz wishes you Happy Holidays and an outstanding New Year!

As Janus, the two faces god, greeted us to 2018, I proudly thought with conflicting emotions that prime year 2017 will definitely be hard to surpass!

Obligingly, 2018 proved to be a challenging year. Of course, life is filled with bumps, large and small, and I had my share of them in 2018. Someone special to me moved to the big neighborhood in the sky, and I was saddened by a couple of people close to me that eventuay proved to be just phonies. But a life without hurdles would be a dull one indeed. Whenever one hits a bump, or when life’s throwing you a curveball just when you least expect it, grab life by the balls and make it rock and roll. Because life is only as much fun as you make it.

Merry Christmas

It is fantastique how eventually, 2018 proved to be another truly exhilarating year. Undaunted, I continued to score countless goals, both on the soccer field, and outside of it. Passion of what you do is the key.

Of course, it helped that Montreal’s unleashed real estate market was one of the country’s top performers. There are few professions with the same kind of impact of what I’m doing, where the effects of one’s work can be felt by clients and partners for years and years.

As this fabulous year draws to an end I have to express my gratitude and to thanks the awesome Adresz team members, our wonderful clients, and my amazing family who made it possible to reach and surpass the 2018 goals.

Defying the rules of mathematics, 2018 was such an amazing prime year and we have perfected the system to make 2019 another math defying prime year!

Merry Christmas! Be healthy, be happy, be wealthy, and don’t be shy to grab life by the balls! You are no James Bond, you only live once.

On behalf of Adresz incredible team I wish you a Happy Holidays and an outstanding New Year!

Valentin Tomescu