Smart is cool. How would you like the comfort and security of a house that knows your liking? A house that knows what lights you want on or off, so it can turn them on and off automatically without you having to look for a switch in the dark or to put down what you were carrying in order to fumble for the switch to turn on the lights. A SMART HOUSE!

How would you feel about a house that takes good care of you?  A smart house which knows how to use the healing powers of chromotherapy to re-introduce the correct vibrations to your  body through the use of colours and to restore harmony and balance and maybe even to enhance beauty. The wonderful rain shower in this smart house uses the same principles of LED therapy proven by NASA to “increase Fibroblast proliferation”, which is critical to collagen production. Others are using light therapy to enhance collagen production, reduce wrinkles, soften scars and minimize cellulite. Blue light frequencies are used to kill acne bacteria and red light frequencies are used to repair acne scarring and reduce inflammation. Red light is also used to reduce cellulite, so why not give it a try?
Did you get the image of ordinary homes out of your mind? Let us step inside and see what can happen when creativity, inspiration and artistic inclinations flows through the interior design process to the final finishing touches of the renovation and elevate the residence to “one-of-a-kind” status. The inviting front door welcomes both friends and family into a cozy entrance with classy hardwood floors and timeless marble inserts. The fabulous living room with handsome wood floors is warmed by a wood fireplace. It offers plenty of room for entertaining and family activities and definitely represents one of the hubs of the family life. The dining room is overlooking the deck and the large private backyard. Crown mouldings lend elegance to the dining room making it perfect for formal entertaining as well as family gatherings. It opens to the backyard through sliding glass doors. Designed for practicality and efficiency the kitchen features ample granite counter space and cabinets in a layout guaranteed to suit even a gourmet cook. The ingenious step saving kitchen will thrill all the cooks in the family. It is easy to organise and makes cooking a pleasure. The heated ceramic floors and artistic ceiling makes it a favourite gathering place for all family members. A powder room, laundry room and storage space are also located on the main level.

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Smart is cool.